For semi-public governement intitutions

Quite a few consultants and youth workers have coaching sessions which are characterized by their time-inefficiency, energy draining nature and that result in ‘socially demanded’ solutions. Afterwards many ‘commitments’ are not respected or simply forgotten. The Mindhacking Life conversation method offers support to consultants, youth welfare authorities and managers who frequently engage in conversations with the intention to ‘motivate movement’ in others with too little results.

Conversation method

The Mindhacking Life motivation method transforms every coaching and motivation session, into a unique and effective dialogue. A conversation that results into making real agreements and proposes solutions that truly offer the easiest path to a resolution. Mindhacking Life conversations become lighter and more fun in less time. The conversation partners feel recognized and understood. All the pieces fall into place and motivation develops from within. Both during the conversation and long thereafter.

Mindhacking Life for semi-public governmental institutions facilitates:

  • Equality at all times
  • An end to socially adjusted answers.
  • Better results in less amount of time.
  • Breakthroughs and insights that lead to real solutions.
  • Improved long-term personal performances
  • Increase in autonomy and a sense of urgency and responsibility
  • Improved influx, progression and departures.

Workshops and lectures

On occasion I am invited to hold one-off workshops or lectures on Mindhacking Life. Naturally I am more than happy to visit and share my experiences with your colleagues and yourself.

More information

Want to know how Mindhacking Life and I can help you? Feel free to contact me directly for a no-strings attached meeting and allow your colleagues and yourself an new perspective on people, life, problems and behavior.