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Students study best in a positive learning environment. Unfortunately, maintaining a positive environment in class or school is not always easy And that will be at the expense of the content of the lesson or the commitment and motivation of both student and teacher.

Based on my own personal teaching experience, I have developed an class-intervention and- motivation method as well as a and conversation method and a teaching module that is currently being used as a common thread by multiple secondary vocational education institutions across the Netherlands. The communication method additionally allows for more productive results inside as well as outside of the classroom with less hassle. Which allows students to feel intrinsic motivation to engage to the curriculum, the class and the teacher again..

Class Management approach

The class management tool ‘Mindhacking the Class’ ensures unity, balance and concentration in class are preserved, even when the chips are down. But mostly it allows students/pupils to feel like they are acknowledged for their effort and not only judged for their results. By changing your perspective your respons to what you see will change, allowing you to interact differently, creating a whole new range of possibilities and results. Varying from a heightened positive effect on motivation, initiative, presence and sense of responsibility as well as trust between them and the teacher/school.

Conversation method

The Mindhacking Life conversation method transforms every conversation or coaching session into an effective and equal dialogue. A conversation that amounts to sincere interaction, reflections and insights that truly solves the problems that lie ahead, in the most easy and straight forward possible way. Mindhacking Life helps you get results with more ease, more fun in less time. The student/pupil feels acknowledged. And as all the pieces fall into place, motivation develops from within. Both during the conversation and long thereafter.

Teaching modules, specifically for secondary vocational education

Besides a class management and conversation method, I also developed a teaching module specifically for secondary vocational education. This module consists of 8 classes, 1 to 1,5 hours each, during which the student learns about brain functions and the impact of their thoughts on reality. During these classes, which all include a practical assignment e.g. a video, experiment or exercise, the student shall experience how their influence on their desired outcome or reality can be increased. The goal of these classes is to build a connection between the internal and external world of the student. Both students and teachers find these classes a surprising, original and fun experience. This module can be implemented as part of an official career guidance program. Is it your goal, as a teacher, to help your students become more successful, relaxed and influential, with the least amount of effort? Get your Mindhacking Life teaching module here!

Workshops and lectures

Nowadays I am also regularly asked to give a one-off workshop or lecture about Mindhacking Life. Of course I am more than happy to visit and share my experiences with your colleagues and yourself.

Mindhacking Life facilitates:

  • An equal dialogue between teacher and student.
  • Trust in the school, the teacher and each other.
  • Better solutions to problems and bottlenecks.
  • An increase in autonomy and the self-governing capabilities of the student.
  • An end to standardized, society demanded answers.
  • An unburdening of intensive personal coaching and development programs.
  • Improved influx, progression and departures.

More information

Want to know how Mindhacking Life and I can help you? Feel free to contact me directly for a no-strings attached meeting and allow your colleagues and yourself an new perspective on people, life, problems and behavior.