Mindhacking Life

Welcome to my website. My name is Esmée Detmers and 5 years ago I developed Mindhacking Life, a unique method for motivation. Due to my experience with young people, my specific view on behavior, individuals and problems, I aim to support people and help them find a connection to today’s youngsters, how to motivate them and their autonomy. These last few years I have been able to develop this knowledge into a practical working method that has a liberating and motivational effect on at-risk-youths as well as everyone else.

Motivate movement in others

Mindhacking Life nowadays is a recognized conversation method for teachers, consultants, youth welfare authorities, managers and parents. In fact, it is useful for anyone who frequently engages in conversations with the intention to motivate movement in others.

This same framework has become the foundation for a class management and teaching module approach. The approach ensures increased productivity in less time and effort. Conversations become lighter and more fun. Your conversation partner feels they are recognized and motivated in their choices. All the pieces fall into place and at the end of the conversation (and long thereafter) everyone feels energetic.

The vision behind the method does the trick

Mindhacking Life includes interfaces with many established (conversation)methods and theories such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis (TA). However, the vision behind the method really makes the difference and ensure that this method moves beyond all others. I am proud that Mindhacking Life is now being used as the pedagogical common thread for many vocational educational institutes (MBO) and semi- governmental institutions in the Netherlands.

Another perspective on people, life, problems and behavior

Mindhacking Life offers answers and impact to existing knowledge on development psychology, behavioral science and pedagogy. Supported by neuroscientific theories and philosophies, it will allow you to discover patterns and ‘sacred cows’.

Develop a new perspective on problems and behavior and find a wealth of information and opportunities.

Want to know how Mindhacking Life and I can help you? Feel free to contact me directly for a no-strings attached meeting and allow your colleagues and yourself an new perspective on people, life, problems and behavior.